Logbook October 2016

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Shipwreck Records now has 5 bands on its growing roster of all things from acoustic pop to metalcore, focusing on pop punk and alternative rock from the west midlands. The bands we have on our label are all working hard towards their debut releases and have played many shows this year alongside Coast to Coast, Catch Fire, These Minds, James Harris (Better Than Never), Evertim and Layover.

Bands on Shipwreck Records

A Pocketful of Stars (Acoustic pop / pop punk) (Bath/Birmingham)


Duo of sisters from Bath, playing an eclectic dreamy collection of original acoustic indie pop rock songs taking inspiration from early 2000s pop punk, 90s pop music, Taylor Swift and Real Friends.

A Pocketful of Stars have been playing, writing and performing music together since their early childhood in 2001. Their debut single Let Go lead them to supporting post-hardcore band Stereo Espionage and performing at various festivals in their hometown in 2012.

On Halloween this year, Ghosts the debut release which is a 2-track will be available online from the group’s bandcamp. Their debut 7-song, 7-colour EP ‘Everything We’ve Ever Known’ is scheduled for release with Shipwreck Records, for later this year. Every Friday at 11:11pm the band released acoustic and live performance videos featuring a new song from the EP on their their YouTube channel to promote the release during the past summer.

The acoustic pop group performed their sweet and candid melodies at The Marrs Bar in Worcester at the end of May and live recordings of this are also streaming on the band’s official YouTube and website. Their live performance now also features folk elements of flute and electronic dream pop vibes from 80s synth.

They have been lucky enough to since share stages across the UK with Coast to Coast, Layover, Evertim, Victory Lane, James Leese, Proud Ember, Ryan Sparrow, James Harris (Better Than Never) and many more. Look out for the duo next appearing at Take The Stage festival, raising money for cancer research UK on 13th November at The River Rooms in Stourbridge with Best Years, Tuskens, Coast to Coast, Layover & Victory Lane.



Sioux Falls (Pop punk) (Cheltenham)


Sioux Falls are a newly established pop punk/emo outfit hailing from Cheltenham, UK.

Their debut EP All Talk Is Small Talk, mixed by Lewis Whymark and mastered by Seb Barlow (Neck Deep, Catch Fire, WSTR), will be released online by Christmas following a PR campaign. Following this will be a music video supporting the lead single ‘That’s How It Seems To Me’.

The band have played alongside many names including – Homebound, Best Years, Landmarks, Catch Fire, Junior, Tigerstyle, Coast to Coast, Better Than Never, Weatherstate, All Ears Avow, Layover and As The Sun Sleeps. This summer they also played 2000 Trees Festival with Neck Deep, WSTR, Moose Blood, Trash Boat.

The band sprung onto their local scene and have since featured on the front cover of both Spilt Milk and Rock Press Music magazines, just highlighting the immediate impact they have had. The boys are proving to be a band to watch as they release their EP.



Backroads (Metalcore) (Gloucester)


Cutting edge metalcore meets pop punk. Moreish, emotive and daring. Five-piece melodic metalcore meets energetic pop punk band from Stroud.

Backroads are inspired by A Day To Remember and Neck Deep, but feature scream only vocals. Taking further inspiration from Four Year Strong alongside The Ghost Inside, Beartooth and Crown The Empire, Backroads create a cutting edge bittersweet melodic indulgence of hardcore music set to an infectious pace, which features the best of both worlds: pop punk choruses and heavy hitting hardcore breakdowns. This makes their sound dynamic, explosive and unforgettable. Setting out to record an EP later this year, which will be produced by one of the biggest (TBC) names in UK hardcore and pop punk.



No Insight (Pop Punk) (London)


No Insight are made up of Giancarlo Astacaan – Guitar and vocals, Rich Alexander – Drums and vocals and Joe Papworth on bass. This intense melodic pop punk explosion from London supported Junior and Fierce Morgan on ‘The Heelys Help Your Feelies’ UK Tour 11th August 2016 in London, with Brighton based pop punk band, Evertim.

Expect big things from a combination of pop punk and emo that doesn’t just jump aboard everything we’ve heard before and speaks for itself in a way that’s raw and heartfelt but doesn’t leave behind the big melodies, gang choruses, emo tones and undeniable memory-lane lyrics that make it all so powerful and emotional, plus something to dance to with feel-good riffs and endless bounds of energy.

Catch them at shows soon in London and around the UK in 2016 and watch out for their upcoming EP, being recorded and produced this winter.



Last Light (Alternative rock) (Birmingham)


Hometown: Digbeth, Birmingham

Genre: Alternative Rock

Alternative 4-piece emo/indie rock from Digbeth, Birmingham, UK.

Fuzzy warmth emanates from a sound that is beyond its age, developed and crafted carefully – very dynamic and speaks close to you, with alternative rock that gets under your skin and takes you to new heights – without being any form of pretentious. It’s honest, and subtle at times, but never sinks below waves of originality, giving it an edge that razor sharp cuts the music free, above many of the rest – leaving a jagged and indescribable pattern of noise and emotions behind for you to decipher.

If after-listen tastes existed, Last Light leave behind plenty to make you come back for more and give you lots to savour as well with a rich and decadent sound that fills out from the softest to the most crashing and loud peaks in their compositions.

Nearing 3000 plays on their most recent song, ‘86’ on soundcloud, the band’s EP and latest single are also available for pay as you like download on Bandcamp. Last Light have an upcoming EP which they will release on Shipwreck this winter.




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Shipwreck Records, 2016.